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  • Fully complete the online application form, and submit your signed summary application form, photographs and fee. You must provide full details of your previous education on the application form.
  • In addition to the signed summary application form, please also submit a signed letter of application
  1. outlining your reason for coming to Ireland,
  2. giving details of any members of your family who are currently in Ireland, or any other EU State.
  3. If your employment history or educational background have no obvious connection to the course you now wish to pursue, you must give a full explanation of why you are now embarking on a change of career
  • Passport, valid for 12 months, and copy of previous passport if applicable.
  • If you have been refused a visa for any other country, details of this must be given. Submit the original letter issued to you by the authorities of that country. Concealment of visa refusals will result in your Irish visa application being refused – You must provide full details of all visa applications you have made for any country, including Ireland. If you have ever been in Ireland before, whether legally or illegally, you must give details of your time here. Failure to disclose any of these details will result in your current application being refused.
  • Evidence that you have private medical insurance cover – Private medical insurance cover is required. Your college may arrange this on your behalf. If so, details of this must be included in your Letter of Acceptance from the college. If it is not arranged by the college, you must organise this yourself and provide evidence with your application.



Where evidence of finances is not provided, your application will be refused. All bank statements should include the name and address of the account holder, and the account number. Handwritten entries or details on bank statements will not be accepted. Any documents not in English must be translated. You must show you have sufficient funds to support your stay in Ireland without recourse to public funds, or the reliance on casual employment, including:

  • A detailed statement of your and/or your sponsors’ bank account(s) covering a six-month period immediately prior to your visa application, and showing sufficient funds to cover your costs.
  • Evidence that you have immediate access to at least €7,000. This is the estimated cost of living in Ireland for a student for one academic year. You must also demonstrate that you or your sponsor has ready access to an amount of at least €7,000 for each subsequent year of your studies, in addition to the course fees for each of those years.


Note: Where NON-EEA Students are studying for a period of less than 6 months the non-EEA Student must have access to €500 per month of the stay or €3000 whichever is the lesser.

If you are being sponsored by another person or persons, you must submit a six-month statement of their bank account  covering the six-month period immediately prior to your application, and showing all transactions that have taken place during this time.

You must list each person sponsoring you, and give clear details of their relationship to you.  All evidence provided must be clearly identifiable as to whom it relates. Give clear details of the financial support they will be giving you for the duration of your stay in Ireland. Their bank account must show a good credit record for a minimum of six months immediately prior to making your application.

Your sponsor (s) will need to show that the amount of financial support they will be giving you is available AND that they have enough funds to maintain themselves and other family members.

Any lump sum lodgements made during the immediate three months prior to your application must be fully explained, with supporting evidence provided – for example, if such a lump sum lodgement has come from the proceeds of a sale of property or encashment of Savings Certificates, Fixed Rate Deposit accounts, or any similar type sources, then clear evidence of this must be provided.

You must also demonstrate that you or your sponsor will have ready access to an amount of at least €7,000 for each subsequent year of your studies, in addition to the course fees for each of those years. Evidence accepted will include a letter from your sponsor’s employer confirming employment details, plus 4 recent payslips. This letter should include contact details for the employer, including name, address, and phone number (landline, not mobile).

If your sponsor is involved in business, evidence of this must be provided, such as a Certificate of Registration from the authorities in your country.

Banks statements and letters must show and include full contact details of the bank – name, full address of branch where account is held, telephone number (landline, not mobile), e-mail and website addresses (where available). Where this information is not normally available on a bank statement, it should be accompanied by a letter from the bank, on official bank stationery, giving these details. Where a bank statement or a letter from the bank is submitted giving only a mobile phone number, post box number as address, or an email address of Yahoo, Hotmail etc, this will not be considered as evidence of finances, and may in fact raise an issue of credibility over the whole application.

  • Evidence that you are enrolled on a privately funded course involving at least 15 hours of organised daytime tuition each week – A Letter of Acceptance from the college, confirming you have been accepted and enrolled on a course of full-time education, involving a minimum of 15 hours organised daytime tuition each week:
  1. This letter should specify the course you will be studying.
  2. It should also confirm the amount of fees payable for your course, and that this amount has been paid.
  3. If the college has taken out medical insurance on your behalf, details of this must be contained in this letter of acceptance.

There now follows an explanation of what will be accepted as evidence for the above requirements. Please ensure you read this carefully and submit ALL documents with your application. Again, it is important that these are original, clearly legible documents, in English, or accompanied by a notarised translation. They should clearly indicate what they are and to whom they refer.

The educational and other credentials of a college will be taken into consideration by the Department of Justice and Equality in reaching a decision on a visa application. Recognition by the Department of Education and Skills through ACELS meets these criteria in the case of English language schools. Please refer to the list of courses recognised by the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland on its website:

  • Evidence that you have paid the requisite fees to the college
  • Where the course fees are less than €6,000, fees must be paid in full to the college, prior to applying for your visa. Evidence of the amount paid should be included in your Letter of Acceptance from the college
  • Where the course fees are in excess of €6,000, you must pay at least this amount prior to applying for your visa, and evidence of this should be shown in your Letter of Acceptance. This minimum amount is an Immigration requirement. However, the college you wish to attend may require full payment of fees.
  • Evidence accounting for any gaps in your educational history – You must provide information to account for any gaps between your last period of full time education and your application to study in Ireland. If any such gap in education has been filled by periods of employment, you must give full details of your employment history.
  • Evidence of your intention to return to your country of permanent residence following completion of your studies in Ireland.
  • Evidence that you have the academic ability to follow your chosen course – You must provide evidence that you have attained the necessary level of academic achievement required to follow your chosen course. Such evidence will include – exam results, qualifications obtained and certificates proving your Level of English. Except in the case of an application which is solely for an English language course, you must show that you have the capacity to fully partake in your chosen course through the medium of English and satisfy the Visa Officer in this regard.
  • You must submit all exam results obtained, along with your qualification certificates.


English Language Requirement

Students applying solely for an English Language course are currently exempt from the following requirement. The requirements for those doing a short-term preparatory English Language Course are covered in the next section.

This is for immigration purposes only. It is recommended that all other applicants, regardless of nationality or educational background, undertake the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) English language test, and submit the original certificate with your visa application. INIS’s minimum scores for IELTS and other accepted certifications are listed below. You must also meet the college’s English Language standard for your chosen course, and it may be higher than the scores listed below. The certificate must have been issued within 2 years of the expected commencement date of your course.

IELTS Academic:

Minimum score of: 5.0


Minimum score of: 173 (Computer-based)
61 (Internet-based)
500 (Paper-based)

Minimum grade of: B2

PTE Academic:

Minimum score of: 30

Cambridge English Language Assessments (CELA – formerly Cambridge ESOL)

Minimum of a Pass in the following examinations:

  • First Certificate in English (FCE)
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)
  • Business English Certificate (BEC) (Higher or Vantage)

NOTE: These recommendations are subject to review pending advice from the Department of Education and Skills.

Refund of Course Fee Policy

Advance International College      Payment of Course Fee and Refund Policy

The * Full Student Fee to be Lodged in the College Bank Account in Bank of Ireland, 32 South Mall, Cork, Ireland, at the beginning of the visa application process, by electronic transfer. (BANK  ACCOUNT  DETAILS  AVAILABLE  ON  REQUEST).  The Fee, eg. 5,000 Euro – 6,000 Euro. Any deductions for the cost of the transfer charged by the sending Bank are to be paid by the sender, and not deducted from the Fee amount lodged into the College Bank Account. After the Fee is lodged in the College Bank Account, the College will send a Confirmation Letter to the Agent / Student that the Fee has been paid into the College Bank Account. This Document is essential for Visa Application, and needs to be included with the Student File before submission to the Visa Authorities for Visa Approval Decision. Note: If this confirmation Letter is not found in the Visa Application File, we understand that the Visa application will be refused, as no satisfactory proof of payment has been demonstrated. Agents and Students should be fully aware that a photocopy of a Bank Draft is no longer deemed to be satisfactory proof of payment of Course Fee . When a student applies for a visa for Ireland in order to study at the College, the process of visa decision will typically take 4 to 8 weeks, as a general guideline, and longer, depending on the date of the visa application, and other circumstances outside of the influence or control of the College. It is a condition of applying for to study at the College and for visa approval that the process be followed through to it’s conclusion, and refund of course fees will not be processed until after the visa decision is finalised, and appeal of visa decision, where visa is refused, is undertaken. Students who make a payment / part payment of course fees for a course of study at the College and subsequently withdraw their application to study at the College before their visa is processed, or during the visa process, will forfeit their course fee, but may nominate another student to apply to take their place for a course of study at the College and credit the amount paid towards the fee of the nominated student, who will be liable to make up any shortfall in fees where this is applicable. Students who apply for study at the College will not be refunded course fees in cases where they fail to process their visa application with the Irish authorities, or where they withdraw their visa application, prior to the visa process being completed, including appeal of visa decision, in cases where visa is refused, and have no claim against the College. Students who apply for a course intake, and where that intake date has expired, or where the student has not submitted their application, for whatever reason, may apply for the next available course intake start date with the College, without penalty. In cases where a student applies for a visa for Ireland, and has been successful in being granted the visa, and subsequently does not take up his / her place at the College, there will be no refund of fees, as a place has been reserved at the College for that student, but, the student may nominate another student to apply to take his or her place at the College, subject to successful visa application. The College Guarantees to process the refund the course fee (less Administration Fee of 100 Euro, and applicable deductions as outlined below), to the Student when the Visa Application Process has been completed, and after Visa Application / Visa Appeal refusal by the Dept of Justice / Irish Embassy, subject to the conditions outlined below. The Visa application process includes the original Visa application, and an Appeal as well as contacts and communications from the College to the Visa issuing authority. The Visa application process will not be completed until such investigations have been undertaken and exhausted, and all queries from the College to the visa issuing body have been comprehensively replied to and dealt with,  and refund of course fees will not commence until this process is completed.

Please Note: Before  a Refund of Course Fees can be processed, the Student is required to Appeal the Visa Refusal Decision of the Irish Visa Issuing Authority. This is necessary for the College to represent the student in addressing  any matters raised in the Visa Refusal decision of the Visa Issuing authority. This is in line with the legal right of the student to have the decision on visa application to be reviewed by the visa issuing authority in order for additional documentational evidence raised in the visa refusal to be provided, for fair and impartial consideration by the visa issuing authority, and so give the student a reasonable and equitable opportunity to apply for visa to enter Ireland for the purpose of study. The refund of Course fee process will only begin after the Visa process has been completed, and a decision has been made by the Visa issuing Authorities, as well as the completion of all relevant contacts between the College and the Visa issuing Authorities.

Conditions of Course Fee Refund:

Visa appeal:

The student, and sponsor will make a formal request to the College for the refund of course fees after the above visa application process is completed (including appeal). Should the student not appeal the refusal of visa decision, then a 50% deduction from the course fee refund will apply. This deduction / penalty is to discourage applications which may be weak or incomplete.  The College hereby gives notice that students and agents / sponsors should not submit visa applications which may be weak, incomplete or insufficient. All cases where an appeal is not undertaken will result in the above penalty. Students are strongly advised to avoid the above deduction by appealing the visa decision. The College will assist in preparing and submitting the appeal of visa refusal to the relevant authorities with the purpose of overturning the visa refusal decision, and may seek additional documentation from the student in order to gain a successful outcome on behalf of the student, and the College requires the co operation of the student, sponsor and agent  to help in this regard, for the purpose of gaining a successful appeal decision. in cases where no appeal of the Visa decision has been undertaken, the student is to inform the College in the form of a typed letter, stating that he / she will not be appealing the visa decision, and that he / she agrees that there will be a deduction of 50% from the course fee refund, as a result of not appealing the Visa decision.

Should the Visa appeal be unsuccessful, the student is required to make a formal notification in the form of a typed letter (Fee Refund Request Letter), (and a separate typed letter (Fee Refund Request Letter), sent by the sponsor, in cases where the sponsor has paid the course fee), formally requesting to have the course fee refunded, less deductions, and these letters to be sent to the College Director by the student / sponsor.

Authorisation Letter;

A student may appoint a relative to represent them in dealings with the College in order to facilitate the refund of fees. Where a student appoints a relative, it must be the Sponsor (the person who has paid the Course Fee to the College). The College will send an Authorisation Letter to the student which the student will sign, and return to the College by email and original hardcopy posted to the College address.

Proof of payment of Course Fee:

Before a refund is paid the College requires proof of Fee Transfer in the form of a bank slip or receipt sent from the student or sponsor to the College. The student or sponsor will have received this document from their bank or money transfer service, clearly indicating the amount of the transfer in euro, and the amount in the home currency of the student, showing the name of the student, the currency conversion rate and date of transfer.

If the student or sponsor cannot produce this document it clearly raises suspicion over the fee payment.

Where the student or sponsor transfers the course fee in Ireland, a similar bank slip or receipt will need to be provided to the College.

The College will not refund a course fee in cases where the student or sponsor cannot produce a bank transfer slip or receipt, or a money transfer service slip nor receipt.

Letters or invoices showing payment of fee are not satisfactory proof that the fee has been transferred to the college, as these may be provided by agents, and the only proof of fee transfer is a bank or payment service slip or receipt. Please note that such a slip or receipt must be verified by the college as such documentation is often fraudulently supplied by agents.

Once fee transfer to the college bank has been supplied and verified by the college, the following documents need to be sent to the college:

  1. Authorisation Letter (where a sponsor is representing the student)
  2. Fee Refund Request Letter
  3. Fee Refund Consent Form

This / these request letters are to be sent by email attachment to the College, with the original being forwarded to the College by post. It is necessary that the original hardcopy of this letter be sent to the College, as this will be necessary in case of any possible dispute where  the sponsor or student, or family member claim the fee payment refund, when it has been refunded to another party (ie. The person who paid the fee), or before it is refunded to that party, either sponsor or student, or family member. The original letters signed by all parties will avoid such future disputes. Upon receiving the request letters from the relevant parties, student and sponsor, the College will send a Student Fee Refund Consent Form to the student and sponsor. This form to be signed by the student and sponsor agreeing the final amount of refund, as there may be deductions, as outlined, and agreeing with the refund amount, and the refund policy of the College. The College will process the course fee refund 30 days after the end of the following month that the student and sponsor make the above formal written notification request/s  and these written notification requests have been received in original format by the college. For example, where the 2 documents (Fee Refund Request Letter, and Student Fee Refund Consent Form) are received by the college (in original format) in august, the end of the following month (September), and 30 days after the end of September would be end of October. The Fee Refund will be processed from this date, (end of October, in the example shown above) and may take 10 to 12 weeks to complete. The transfer of the course fee, less deductions, as per the amount shown in the Student Fee Refund Consent Form will take place during this 10 to 12 week period, (10 to 12 weeks from the end of October).The college will communicate with the student and keep the student up to date on the progress of the refund. Please Note: In cases where the Visa issuing authority intimates to the College, by oral or written means, that false documentation has been submitted, or questions the authenticity of documents provided in the visa application, and where such reason (authenticity of documents) is included in the reason/s for refusal of the visa application, the College will withhold 1,000 euro from the course fee refund, after the visa application process has been completed, as outlined above. This measure is intended to deter the use of false documentation, and the subsequent damage which such practice does to the reputation of the College, and future visa decisions. The College hereby gives notice to students and agents / sponsors that fraudulent documents will not be tolerated, and that visa applications containing such documents will lead to the above mentioned penalty. This is in addition to the penalty outlined above for failure to appeal the visa decision. Please Note: In cases where a student or sponsor, during or after their application for visa, deliberately engage in actions which may damage the reputation of the college, by bringing false,malicious or misleading accusations or complaints against the college, or engaging in attempts to coerce or force the college to act against its rules, or stated policies, these actions will result in the college taking legal action, and forfeiture of course fee. The College will refund the Course Fees directly to the Bank Account of the Student, sponsor or relative by Electronic Bank Transfer, and not to third parties, Agents, sponsor or relative of the Student. Where the student does not have a bank account, he/she may nominate the bank account details of their Sponsor, provided that this account is the same account from which the fees were originally transferred to the College on behalf of the student. Written authorisation is required from the student (Fee Refund Request Letter and Student Fee Refund Consent Form) for this transfer to be processed. This is to ensure that the refund of fees goes directly back to the account from which they were transferred to the College. This Refund of Course Fees will be made by Electronic Transfer to the Bank Account of the Student or Sponsor.Please Note: In cases where a student or sponsor, during or after their application for visa, deliberately engage in actions which may damage the reputation of the college, by bringing false,malicious or misleading accusations or complaints against the college, or engaging in attempts to coerce or force the college to act against its rules, or stated policies, these actions will result in the college taking legal action, and forfeiture of course fee.

The Student must provide details of:

BANK DETAILS Receiver’s (Bank of Student / Sponsor)

Name Receiver’s (Student / Sponsor)

Address IBAN or Receiver Account Number

Receiver’s Bank SWIFT Address / BIC (8 or 11 characters only)

Receiver’s Bank Name

Receiver’s Bank Address

Receiver’s Bank Sort Code (If applicable)

Address of Student / Sponsor

Country of Receiving Bank

The College reserves the  right to amend /alter its refund policy and such changes will be notified on the College website and on relevant documentation issued by the College.




Administration Fee     100 Euro

Registration Fee          300 Euro

Courier Fee                  As applicable


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