Celebrate our 20 Year Success!

We welcome you to Celebrate our 20 Years of Success in Delivery of Education.


Advance International College has experience, and a culture of developing new concepts in education, which benefit Students and Educational Partners.

The College is busy developing and expanding its Educational Agent and Overseas Marketing promotions.

Join us in this milestone as we aim to provide our Students and Partners with a bright and expanding pathway of development into future areas of Educational achievement and progress.

Since 1994 our Motto has been, “Advance to your Future Career”,

Advance has never been a more apt name for what we are seeking to do, over these 2 decades,

To Advance the Future of our Students and Educational Partners.

Gerry Byrne,


Advance International College




Advance International College – India

As the College is preparing for its’ 20 Year Anniversary, the College is visiting India, and New Delhi in particular.


New Delhi is one of the most vibrant, fastest growing and prosperous Cities in Asia, with tens of thousands of Students embarking on a journey to Overseas Study. India is truly a global hub for Education and Technology.

Advance International College is promoting Ireland, Irish Education as well as the College in Delhi in September 2013.


The College is promoting Online Collaborations with several Indian Education Consultancy Companies to promote Education in Ireland for Indian Students,

India Websites such as http://www.higherstudy.com are now promoting Ireland as a Study Destination for Indian Students.

higher study ireland

Advance International College – 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years of Quality
in Education in 2014
Advance International College are preparing for the 20 Year of Education Delivery in 2014.

To mark this important milestone the College has  plans in place to launch initiatives and promotions which will benefit students, and collaborative international supporters.

For more information follow upcoming information updates.

Advance International College, Study for the Future.

Advance- Training
he College is recruiting for the following Courses:

Diploma in Hotel Management
Level 6 National Framework of Qualifications

Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management
Level 6 National Framework of Qualifications

Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management
Level 9 National Framework of Qualifications

Diploma in International English
Level 5 National Framework of Qualifications

International Foundation Programme Business
Level 5 National Framework of Qualifications

For Application to one of these Courses, visit… https://advancetrain.wordpress.com/hospitality-courses/

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